Jeanna (wishfulwonder) wrote,

So I should be getting an ipod that I ordered in the next couple of days. $269 with the student discount! I got the 20GB new generation that just came out (full color display, can store 15,000 songs or 25,000 photos). So apparently now ipod photo is obsolete and the regular ipod stores photos as well. Im really glad I waited for the new generation, I was going to get the just music no color 20GB one about a month ago, but the fact that the new one is so much better is really awesome. Actually whats really awesome is that Im not paying for it. haha....okie dokie ill update later, just wanted to get that out.

this is the link for the new ipod color:
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al, somehow ur comment deleted but i got it.
yeah that was a typo, im real smart like that. its 5000, which is good considering i only have 1400 songs :) and its 20,000 pictures....i really need to reread stuff after i write it. oh and theres no such thing as the 40GB ipod anymore either, i was looking into getting that one, but now theres only the 60GB which is like $369 and holds wayyyy more than i would ever need


July 1 2005, 08:58:41 UTC 12 years ago

well its 369 with the discount i think