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8/17/04 10:24 pm

havent updated in a long while. sooo some stuff has happened since the last time i wrote.

So when my parents went to Alaska for a week, the house was pretty tame. Ruqqayah and I went out for pizza one night, and I hung out with some other friends. And thats the whole truth I swear! (Had the house to myself for 9 days---not writing what went on in this journal).

Last week I saw Alison for the first time in over a month and Peggy for this first time in a while as well. I took them down to Nyack for Starbucks and we walked up and down Main Street, down to the pier, basically my usual route that most people I know will know well by now. Then a few days (I guess? Im bad with keeping track) later we went to dunkin donuts (alison and i got a bottled water and peggy got a diet pepsi. yeah we're insane). We mostly talked about how we're gonna miss our former-future roommate Katie. Katie was one of our closest friends at Siena and actually has decided at the last minute to transfer to a school closer to home. It's completely understandable because she lives literally across the continent in BC, Canada and it was very difficult to not be able to see her family and friends from home. We're gonna miss her like crazy, but hopefully she'll visit Siena to see everyone, or maybe we can visit her sometime.
I also saw Joe on Thursday (I think it was Thursday). I went over to his house, we watched Gothika (which was decent-not good) and went for a walk on a path in the woods until we got lazy and hot and went to Subway. Then we watched the other half of the movie I think and then had dinner with his mom. As always a good time.

Today I went to Woodbury Commons with my mom. I got the most adorable stuff ever and I cant wait for fall weather now!! I also got a Lesportsac travel bag with like bright designs all over it and im in love with it! It only cost $39 (down from $120). And 2 corderoy skirts from J.Crew for $8 each! So Im a very happy girl right now.

At work Ive been working 6 days a week, which means Im exhausted but Im making a lot of money. Yay! Ok I have nothing left to say cause I forgot what I wanted to write in here.

7/31/04 11:32 am

Soo.....just writing in this cause Im bored, as usual I really have nothing to say. Calculus is over, so now I dont have to wake up at 6:30 every tuesday and thursday. Kind of bullshitted my way through the last test but I had an A going into it so I dont care much.

I just started dieting again yesterday. I took like a week and a half off and gained like 2 pounds, it was pretty bad. I still have so much to lose this summer. Ew.

Right now Im pretty much trying to plan out the rest of my summer. Im going back to school September 7th, which is like 5 days early for Ambassador Club training (thats the club that gives campus tours). As of now I know Im going to Rhode Island to Burlingame State Park to go camping. I've done that every summer since forever. It's right next to the nicest beach and its always fun. I'll probably go for like 4 days. We're bringing the boat too. Usually Frank and I go up a day or 2 early then our parents meet us there. Im also going to the beach for a few days, more towards the end of August. Probably LBI or something, not sure yet.

This week (Monday -Sunday) my parents are going to be in Alaska for my dads business trip. my brother is going to be at the shore for some time of it too. I'm working Monday 9:30-4:00, Friday and Saturday ( I dont remember if Im working on those two days on evenings or mornings so check with me). I'm up to do anything, I was thinking about shopping at Woodbury Commons, a trip to the Westchester Mall, maybe Six Flags?, and I want to see The Village and maybe another movie or two. So if ur bored just call my cell.

7/22/04 04:51 pm

had a decent day. early in the week i planned to visit joe today. but i wasnt allowed to. long story that i cant explain on a public lj. so i went to calc class (now theres only 2 classes left), went to the track, and visited some friends at their work. totally went off the diet today. gave in and had a huge piece of 4-layer double chocolate cake. the cake that i havent touched even though its been on the counter glaring at me since sunday. and i had a piece that probably could have fed 3 people. and while i was at it i figured why not have some pringles. so then i got a huge stomachache and realized that eating so much junk isnt worth it. somehow i dont think ive learned my lesson though.
so far this summer i got my bmi down from 24.7 to 22.6 (healthy range is 18.5-25). I still want to get it to around 20.7, which means i have to lose about 13 more pounds. ive lost 14 pounds in the last 5 weeks or so and i have more than a month left of summer so im confident that i can do it. especially since ive been so good and so motivated (except for today-but ill make up for it tomorrow and saturday).

so tomorrow and saturday im working 4-10:30 and then i have sunday off. no plans yet but hopefully i'll find something fun to do.

7/20/04 05:26 pm

i love it when u do semi-decent on a test, but everyone else in the class almost fails so the teacher curves it a bit and then it looks like u did well even when u didnt really do that well at all. (i also love really long run-on sentences).

7/17/04 10:01 am

the past few days have been really fun. frank came home from europe on wednesday night. so thursday i went out to lunch with him and hung out with him all day. its nice to see him cause i missed him so much. i had only seen him for like a week since january. then yesterday, i saw anchorman with him. it was hysterical. really see it, soooo funny. later on i went to see king arthur with ruqqayah. it was pretty good, just a little long.

i lost a little more weight since the last time i've posted. so far i lost 12 lbs this summer, but i have a lot more to go and this weekend im eating out and my familys having a cookout so im definitely not losing anymore weight. oh well.

and tomorrow joeys coming! i havent seen him since thursday of last week so im super excited. and frankie gets to finally meet him too so thats good.

7/12/04 05:29 pm - bored

Bold what is true for you.

01. My hair is still its natural color
02. I paint my toe nails
03. I get annoyed when I don't get to finish telling a story
04. I like to wear pink
05. Sometimes I wish I could do something really, really amazingly well
06. I drink a lot of water
07. I've never taken a hit off of a cigarette
08. I like big things.
09. I'm such a health freak
10. I love eating!!!
11. I have really tiny wrists.
12. I can identify some close friends by smell
13. I'm far too nice (hhahah not even close)
14. I hate when people confuse "your" and "you're"
15. I think dorkiness is attractive
16. I've never had a fake screen name
17. I wish I had a pug
18. I miss middle school
19. I love people with a good sense of humor
20. I have a hard time making up my mind sometimes
21. I wish my hair was naturally curled
22. I love standing out
23. I wish I could sing well
24. I like classical music
25. Striped pants are hot
26. I think Schylar is a really cool name
27. I usually don't get sarcasm
28. I wish I could look in a mirror and constantly be satisfied with myself
29. I shift between being sleepy and awake when I'm really tired
30. I hardly ever vacuum
31. I hate racism
32. I want him to hold me
33. I like watermelon flavored things
34. I'm a snob about grammar
35. I am a terrible liar
36. Old Spice deoderant smells WONDERFUL
37. I wish I knew how to speak Italian
38. This "100 things about myself" list is harder than it looks
39. I am learning to be happy wherever I am

40. I have no idea what my school musical is about
41. I appreciate honesty
42. I need a manicure
43. I love Dr. Pepper
44. I twirl my hair
45. I love kissing
46. I have too many clothes for my closet
47. I want to learn to play harp
48. I'm not old enough to vote
49. I live in the past far too much
50. I need to remember to be a teenager sometimes
51. I want to see most of the world
52. Sometimes I wonder what's going on over in London
53. I hate being lied to

54. I believe in a thing called love
55. I go shopping usually once a week
56. Today is Wednesday
57. I've read more than a 100 books
58. I hate hearing songs that sacrifice meaning for the sake of being able to rhyme
59. I like feet
60. I like being neat
61. I want the world to see me
62. I think it's funny when girls wear so much makeup that their faces become incandescent
63. I hate seeing kids/people that think they're different because they like Slipknot, etc. and shop at Hot Topic
64. I have a fear of wearing too much perfume
65. I wear pants more than I wear shorts
66. I am tactful most of the time
67. I'm afraid of spiders.
68. I get too attached to some people
69. I'm usually on time
70. I forgive but I don't forget
71. I think way too much for my own good
72. My current relationship is teaching me a lot
73. I like salads from McDonalds
74. I read for at least an hour every day
75. I talk to a lot of people I don't like because I hate being rude
76. I sing in the shower
77. Laughing turns me on
78. I wish I were asleep
79. I love Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
80. I never have enough energy to do what I'm doing
81. I have a friend who has an outie bellybutton
82. I have driven a car
83. There is no nailpolish on my nails
84. I am unafraid to change, but I don't think I realize the boundary between change and utter transformation
85. I wear brown, thin-rimmed glasses
86. Goodbyes make me sad
87. comes after
88. I love cuddling
89. I run when I'm bored
90. I wish I were more attractive to others
91. I worry too much sometimes about what people think
93. Compliments make me happy
94. I like long car rides with certain people
95. I drink a lot of orange juice in the morning
96. I wonder a lot about who I'm going to end up marrying
97. I listen to the things no one else really cares about
98. I can't draw from imagination
99. TyPiNg LIeK diS anNoyes mEeeH
100. This took too long

7/6/04 10:36 pm - updating finally...

hmm so this is going to be pretty boring cause i cant remember what i've done in the last week or so. hmm yeah i seriously cant remember shit. well i know on wednesday i had a *special* secret visitor, and that was a lot of fun. Then I got my calc test back and I kicked ass which really surprised me. Then this weekend I missed the 4th of July fireworks for the first time ever. BUT I had a much better time than I could at the stupid fireworks in pearl river cause I was in connecticut at joeys house. i stayed until monday and we had fun as always. we saw spiderman 2. i wasnt too sure if i would like it cause i didnt care for the first one much, but i thought the second was pretty good. it had much more plot and storyline than the first. today i had calc and then went running at the south track. felt so weird going back, but nice in a way.
i should probably start reading something because i feel very anti-intellectual right now. any suggestions? call me.
and this weekend im off on saturday so slap me if i dont make plans.

6/28/04 07:16 pm - i know, i know, i just did one of these...deal with it...;)

What do people really think about you?
by Raven319
favorite song
Parents thinkYou're an angel
Strangers thinkYou're smart
Friends thinkYou need a fuck buddy
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6/26/04 08:53 pm

The past few days have been a lot of fun. Thursday night Joe came over and stayed until 8pm tonite (Saturday). On Thursday we watched The Shining and just stayed in the house. Friday we went out for lunch, watched the end of the movie, and then went to the Incubus concert at the Garden with Brendan, Alison, and their friend Tom. It was really good, they played all of their big songs: Pardon Me, Drive, Warning, Wish You Were Here, Nice to Know You, and Talk Shows on Mute. They also played some other really old songs, one from S.C.I.E.N.C.E, and then did some guitar and drum solo stuff. I really think they sound good live, so it was definitely worth going to. The Vines were supposed to open for them, but they broke up a few weeks ago, so this band called Sparta opened. With a swan as their logo (or a duck, according to freak-armed Tom), we assumed it was some chick rock band. It wasnt. It was an awful guy band that sounded so distorted. yuck. Today we saw Fahrenheit 9/11, funny and extremely sad at the same time, but so many inaccuracies and quotes taken out of context, dont take it too seriously.

--ugh tomorrow means back to work and huge Calculus test Tuesday at 8am that I havent studied for yet!

6/24/04 12:00 pm

Your Love Life by lpfloatsmyboat
favorite color:
best physical quaility:teeth
best personality trait:caring
will you marry your bf/gf that you have now?no
when will you get married?October 17, 2020
your kiss is:meaningful!
People date you because:you're cute
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I saw this in Alison's xanga...had to post it because i laughed my ass off about the teeth thing. Definitely my worst feature, although I'm getting the braces off in another month or two...
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