Jeanna (wishfulwonder) wrote,

Somehow, vacation has been stressful...leave it to me to be stressed during break. Between being super busy, redoing and painting my room, furniture shopping with my mom (18 furniture stores and counting for one stupid chair that still hasn't been bought leading us all the way to the delaware water gap during our search), family health problems, constant toothaches and finding out i needed my wisdom teeth out, and cancelled trips to boston.....yeah, it's been busy/stressy. (Ok stressy isn't a word, but I like it. So there.) That doesn't mean I haven't had fun. Christmas was a great time. I was able to catch a Jets game and do some tailgating with Joe, Frank and his friends. New Years Eve was another fun shin-dig at Peg's house once again. Peg, Al, Nora, Joe, Amanda, Cassie, Nate and his cousin were there and it was fun as always, great to spend the night with everyone all together. Since then, I havent done anything special, just catching up with friends and stuff. I'm starting to get anxious to go back to school. I mean, I'll miss home. But it's just so quiet around here. I almost want to start a fight with my parents just for some action...almost.
My schedule next semester sucks ass, but I guess it's even because the fall was a really good semester. In terms of classes, I'm taking:
-Civil War and Reconstruction
-American History I
-Physics II
-Developmental Biology
I'm pretty sure I'm going to be bored out of my mind in the civil war class, but it was all I could fit into my schedule. Hopefully Am. Hist will be good and Al's in my class which Im excited about. Other than that, we shall see. Right now I'm looking more forward to going out drinking when we get back to siena more than what my classes are.

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