Jeanna (wishfulwonder) wrote,


It's been summmer for a week. Last Saturday we took out the new boat for the first time and it was awesome. Our old boat (which we sold and im gonna miss) was just a 16 foot aluminum fishing boat (basically a rowboat with a huge motor attached lol)....Needless to say pretty ghetto. Our new one is a real fiberglass boat and its awesome. We ended up going out in Mammaroneck (sp?) and then drove down the shore of Westchester over past Rye Beach and around the Greenwich Islands. I can't wait til its warmer and we can just jump off the swim platform and go swimming. Other than that I've signed up to take Philosophy 201 at RCC. Its tuesday, wednesday, and thursday morning all through June which isnt bad at all, I actually started reading the textbook early and its really interesting so Im getting pretty excited. Other than that, I've been relaxing, decided to work at Forever 21 again this summer, and I've been going to the lake a lot. Joe came over yesterday and the day before that and we had a good time. We went to the Cheesecake Factory which is really becoming one of my favorite restaurants, we watched Runaway Jury and the original Manchurian Candidate. We also went to the lake and had a little picnic and watched the sunset.... AWWWWW! hahah well, anyway right now Im just waiting for Frank to come home. We're going up to Boston today for his graduation and staying til Sunday, and mom and dad and the rest of the fam are coming tomorrow afternoon. So I have nothing else to say so I guess thats it.....byeeee
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